Join us at 1CroCEE to shake (help) Zagreb with knowledge and to reconstruct the past for resilient future (new tradition).

The March 22, 2020 magnitude ML5.5 Zagreb earthquake painfully brought to light inadequate earthquake preparedness and resilience of Croatia's capital. This seismologically moderate event incurred major damage to the building stock of the administrative, cultural, scientific and economic centre of the country putting in question stability of the country with regard to seismic risk.

To commemorate these events and to forge a path to resilient future, the Faculty of Civil Engineering is gathering experts in Croatia, and organizing the 1st Croatian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (1CroCEE), on the first anniversary of the Zagreb earthquake. While the conference name does reflect the geographic origin of the earthquake, its message is aimed to be far reaching, unconstrained and inclusive. By bringing together national and international researchers, practitioners and public policy makers, the goal is to cover all representative topics and make decisive step forward for Zagreb, Croatia and earthquake resilience of Europe as a whole.

Keynote speakers